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A little about me…my name is Cindy Martin and I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International since 2010. I have been given the privilege and honor to attend countless births over the years and truthfully each and every one is unique and precious.

My own personal story is when my children were born I had a C-section with the first 2 and thankfully was able to VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with my third child.

My heart is bent towards all pregnant and laboring women. My goal is to educate and inform prior to labor so that the birthing process is as close to your expectations as possible. Labor is work, but as part of your team, we will work together for a happy mom & healthy happy baby.

My Philosophy
My Training

There is nothing more special than giving birth to a child. I want to be the person to help you make this experiece special.


I am here to educate, consult, and guide you through the birthing process. We are blessed with this special miracle and the guidance is especially important.



            Certified Birth Doula

          DONA International 2010

          AromaTouch Technique

“As pregnancy, labor and the birthing experiences go, mine did not play out as my "perfect" birthing plan had discussed. I was induced at term due to some pre-clampsia complications and the induction took 32+ hours. I was able, with my Doula's help, to manage through a huge majority of my labor pain medication free even while on pitocin. We were constantly moving and changing positions and I felt like I had my own massage team with me! We went from the birthing ball, to the tub, to other positions in the rocking chair that I enjoyed. And all along I knew I wasn't alone and I had a team with me.
Words can not describe my graditude and appreciation I have for my Doula and Aunt for helping to support me and my team through the most monumental times in my life. With that said THANK YOU, THANK YOU.”  Elizabeth McCaulla.
"Cindy is an amazing doula! She helped me through my delivery two years ago. My goal was a drug free labor. On November 10, 2012, I was induced due to high blood pressure. I called Cindy and she met my husband and I at the hospital. As I went through the different stages of labor, Cindy showed my husband and I,  different relaxation methods and massage techniques we could use. These helped ease a lot of the pain from contractions. My favorite was the birthing ball. After three hours we welcomed Isaiah Kristopher into the world. I'm so glad I went through a drug free labor, my son was talking and alert. I would definitely recommend Cindy to anyone who is expecting." Jessica Brown